My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he wanted space.

my boyfriend broke up with me because he said he wanted space so I said ok even tho I was up set about it so I stop texting and calling so I can give him his space and everything but he keeps on texting and calling me and I said I thought you said you wanted space and he said I do ...i am confused help!


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  • Perhaps you were calling him too much and texting him too much. I would ask him to clarify things because I bet you're feeling like he has all the say now.

    • Ok but I stoped so why is he callin and txtin me a lot for if he said he needs space

    • Again, ask him to clairfy what he meant. I think he wanted you to not do that stuff as much. He didn't mean that he didn't want you to completely leave him alone. He still wants to be in contact.

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  • Usually when a guy says he wants "space" it is to make room for another girl. Brace yourself for the worse, and be ready to fill his spot with someone better.

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  • it's possible that he does indeed want a romantic relationship, but he probably felt smothered at some point so asked for a bit of space. asking for space doesntt necessarily mean he doesntt want anything else to do with you. he most likely still cares for you which explains the constant texting etc.; he misses you :) I think you should ask him what it is that he wants exactly and that should give you some clarity.

  • He could possibly just want to be friends and get to know you a little more. He may have felt rushed into the relationship, so he wants to get to know you more. After being friends get together and decide if you want to stay friends or move to the next level.

  • wen he said he wanna sum space he meant he just wants 2 b frends kk datz all he wants and you should tell him how you feel bout him it will b better

  • It's so obvious he is the one who's confused. He misses you I think. This is normal. You guys just broke up, you never call etc. so he was wondering what the hell happened. He's seeking your attention again. Just pick it up if you want to talk, if this bothers you and you don't want him back, then just tell him not to call you any longer.