Does making out with a guy you hardly know make it appear like you are desperate?

I made out with a guy I met just the second time. He tried to make a move on me the first time, I resisted. But I gave in the second time. I wasn't even under influence. I don't know why I did that.
I have no interest to date him and I am quite sure he doesn't too. I have never had a boyfriend before as I was in an all girls school and never interacted with guys much. This act of mine has made me feel ashamed of myself. I don't want to have a bad image in front of him or his friend as I might have to meet him again, more than once.
The first time, when he made a move on me and I resisted, he messaged me saying that he felt bad about doing it. And I said I wasn't ok with it but it was still fine. The second time, when we did make out, I messaged him saying that I didn't feel good about what I had done and that I didn't want to give him wrong ideas. He said it was ok. Well, what can anyone say anyways! I haven't spoken or messaged him since then.
But I can't face him now. I feel pathetic about myself. I think I am at risk of being some sort of sex addict later in my life. Or ruining my image. Was I acting desperate?


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  • So you experimented with some kissing. If you're not interested in any more say so and move on. You've done nothing wrong and have absolutely nothing to feel bad about. If anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong.

    All people, especially young adults, have urges to experiment with romantic and sexual behaviors. Most will do so extensively. As long as you are smart, stay safe, don't hurt your partner and do what you do because you want to do it, there's nothing wrong with it at all.

    Your choice of words makes me think you may be from a culture other than the stereotypical secular American one common these days. If so, you may be under cultural pressures to conform to behavioral standards different from what others may experience. If your needs as you grow up make you want to do things that violate your culture's rules, think through the consequences carefully and make your choice. That's part of being an adult.

    • I didn't feel guilty about it until I shared it with a friend and she told me I was wrong. And yes, you are pretty accurate about the culture part. Thank you for your reply. I feel a bit better already. :)

    • Glad to help, and if it's worth anything, your friend is full of it. :-)

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  • I don't think it makes you desperate and unless you run with a rather prudish gossipy crowd you probably don't have to worry about your reputation simply for kissin a fella

  • if you didn't have to do it, why do it?

    so the answer is pretty self explanatory.


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  • Honestly, that sounds perfectly normal to me! And I've definitely done the same too! And when you think of it, the guy probably doesn't think anything of it, just a casual hookup/make out session, and that's it! It's not like you're 15 years old where a kiss is a huuuuge deal :) so don't worry about! You're probably around my age, and kissing is natural and it's normal to experiment with different people. Just relax, and use it as experience to your benefit :)

  • Trust me there are way worse things you can do. You were just nervous.