Beginning of a relationship? guys please help! slept in the same bed?

Hey so i met this guy last week at a party and that night we hung out until like 330 in the morning. we texted the next week and then met up the next Friday . He bought me food and we ate it at his place and hung out for like 2 hours. Then we went out around midnight and played basketball together haha. We both like basketball. We were all over eah other while we were playing basketball. We walked back and it was late so i didn't want to go back to my room. He said i could sleep in the bed and he could sleep on the floor, but sleeping arrangements were completely up to me. I told him there was a lot of room on the bed and he could come sleep with me if he wanted. So he immediately got up and we slept next to each other. Do you think he is interested in me? Why didn he make a move? Like this was the 2nd time we hung out so i know he was being respectful. I want him to kiss me though because now i like him. DO you think he likes me too? Would he sleep next to me if he wasn't attracted to me?


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  • yes he has some interest in you , but he did say "sleeping arrangement's where up to you" and you told him to get in the bed but nothing more it could be him being respectful, it could be ear of rejection or it could be he thinks he is in the "friend zone"

    How did he sleep cuddled up to you with wondering hands throw the night or did he roll over and stay on his side of the bed (if that's the case he is in the "friend zone"

    • i like him tho just afraid of rejection myself... i dont want him to think i only like him as a friend

    • well he has shown interest so the odds of him rejecting you would be pretty low if you liek him its worth taking the chance to tell him then once he knows for sure where he stands he can take it form there


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  • I think he likes you, and more important respects you, he is probably afraid he will be rejected if he makes a move and ruing the friendship


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  • I think he is interested in you. He is being a gentleman by showing that he just doesn't want sex from you.

    • thanks! so he seems interested in more than just sex and he is making that clear? i really just want him to kiss me though haha! how do i hint to him?

    • Yes he is good guy! How about you look at his eyes and then his lips and repeat it. He will know what you want. If he doesn't get it, stare at his lips then.

  • He's interested for sure. I don't think a guy would share the bed with a woman he doesn't like.

  • It is already obvious he likes you but not enough information to determine if a relationship will blossom since you have only met him for the first time