Was I wrong to question what he was doing?

I was talking to this guy for about 3 weeks. We talked everyday and we both got along great. Lots of common interests and just great conversations. This past week we went to a concert, had an amazing time and couldn't have had a better time.

Well, he mentioned his ex and him still snap chat. it usually wouldn't bother me, but before we started talking, they were friends with benefits. When we started talking, he said he ended things with her completely. So I felt like this wasn't the truth. So I went in to self protective mode and wanted to know if there were other girls and that kind of thing. I just got made because it all seemed fishy.

He said he's tired of being with girls who question that stuff. I said it only bothers me because it was a friends with benefits. They are worse than straight relationship exs.

He got mad and said it's better we just be friends. Within 12 hours after a great night, he won't even speak to me. I've tried texting him, telling him I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump to conclusions, but I also don't want to get hurt. I sent about 3 texts and called once over 24 hours. And nothing. Still nothing a day later.

Was I wrong to question what he was doing?

Is this really something that would push a guy away?

I miss him and didn't mean for it to turn out like this. I got caught up in self protection mode. :(


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  • It's not you at all
    those questions are nothing to a straight up guy wanting to be closer to a gal - he was giving you the tip of an iceberg and identified immediately that his BS was not going to pass muster with any of your questions.
    In fact, if he thought sex was in the air that night, he saw that breeze changed direction and blew off the date... and any repeats.
    He may cool off but sending comms only fan his flames


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  • It works like this. This guy might have a woman friend with benefits. Because men have needs. So he cuts that off completely with her. Then you turn all possessive, wanting to know every detail of his past. He's not that invested in you, just 3 weeks time, so he dumps you like a hot potato.

    Yeah, talking with someone for 3 weeks does not entitle you to know everything about them or interrogate them about their behaviour.

    I wouldn't deal with you again. Wait a week and see if he responds. If he doesn't, then that's that. Just forget about it.

    I have friends with benefits . If I start dating a woman I like, I'll stop seeing them. But if she questions my behaviour, I won't deal with her. I'm honest and don't judge other people that are honest with me. Unless I see the potential for a real relationship, I'm not going to deny my sexual desires.

  • Maybe it is better that it ended so quick. He doesn't seem very serious for a relationship.


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  • Are you in relt'p with this guy for 3 weeks only? he doesn't seem serious and he didn't get over yet with his ex... its not wrong to ask him but it depends on how approached you used that makes him said he's " 'tired' of being with girls who question that stuff".. it means its not only you who's asking or suspects him doing that...
    Don't message nor call him, it shows you're chasing him or being needy.. He clearly says its better to just be friends so don't force anything with him to be your lover.. If he really loves you, he will chase you back as men are hunters.. Give him time.. don't bother him.. Show to him you can live happy without him.. keep yourself busy so you won't think of him much.. you deserve someone better..