a very easy question for the girls?

Assume that there is a really really hot guy at the gym who you are extremely attracted to and you see him every time you go to the gym.

What would you do? Would you show signs of interest in him? Would you approach him?


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  • Sure. why not? At first you might try to create some proximity so that he recognizes you and spots you out from the other gym goers. maybe use a machine or two next to him? I may not say something on the first visit that i see him, but if I happen to see him on a regular basis when i go to work out, I might eventually say something to spark conversation. nothing too forward though. Girls, especially ones like me who are a little traditional, like to make the opportunity arise for the man to do the asking. maybe a little flirt here or there, but other than that not too much more. I mean, the ultimate goal of the gym is to focus on the work out, not necessarily the men and muscle :) lol


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  • I am more shy. I would probably just smile at him and wait for him to come up to me. Or just talk to him casually if we crossed paths.

  • This happened to me before. I would just say hello and smile at him, glance at him, etc. Basically I just made it obvious that I found him attractive and he eventually approached me.


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