should i ask him to hang out tonight?

so there was this guy i used to talk to for a month or so and we'd hang out all the time. he sort of stopped talking to me for awhile but somehow we got into a text conversation on Friday . he's not the type of guy who just wants sex..we usually just cuddle when i stay with him unless i initiate it. anyways on Friday he called me in the middle of the night (probably drunk but didn't seem too drunk?) and kept asking me to come over but i couldnt cause i was out of town so he was like well maybe Saturday and i said id be out of town then too so he was like maybe Sunday and i kept saying i wanted to...well we hung up and haven't really talked since except a brief convo. im not positive he remembers that conversation but i think he does. its now Sunday night and im wondering if i should see if he still wants me to come over or if that seems desperate?


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  • are you two still into each other?


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  • you're a girl so I think it would be better to say immediately say his deal;)


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  • Just ask him tonight and if he declines or ignores then let him be. It's only if he declines and you keep on askin him later on if he wants to still that will make you look desparate.