Why won't my friends set me up with women?

Why won't my friends set me up with women? They always have some lame excuse..


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  • maybe they just dont think they are good at picking out women for other people other than themselves. maybe they dont have anyone in mind. maybe (no offense) they are not sure of how good you are in relationships/on dates/charming women. but generally I wouldn't think its something wrong with you, i would just say that guys usually dont act as match makers. its just something they usually aren't comfortable doing...now, maybe acting as a wingman at the bar or a club, maybe. but playing cupid, they may not be that confident in their own abilities to pick out matches.

    • thank you for your response. The thing is what's sad is majority of my friends are female and they have a lot of female friends. I really never had trouble in relationships because I've only had one

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    • no.. and like I said, you'll find someone. just gotta get out there. have confidence. best of luck.

    • I can't

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  • Hmm maybe because the only girls they find attractive are the ones that THEY are interested in? Or maybe they might get jealous?

    Also you shouldn't be too concerned most of the time when my parents try to set me up with guys they think I'll like MAJORITY OF THE TIME I do NOT find them all that attractive. They have great personalities and stuff but most people can't really gauge what you're interested in all the time. I mean sometimes its worth a shot but there's a chance you could get set up with somebody you aren't all that attracted to or doesn't have your personality type.

    I suggest you join okcupid.com its a free online dating site and there are plenty of girls to chose from on there. Why not search for someone YOU want?

    And plus I also hated when my friends weren't all that fond of setting me up with someone I was like "Why?" Honestly just search for someone on your own :) you may be a lot happier than being set up with someone random who may not be at all your type anyways.

    • Thanks. . I think you're right

  • you can't depend on them to find you a partner...gotta put yourself out there

    • I do but when I'm near women I put my head down

    • u have to practice flirting

    • would you be so kind as to teach me some basic flirting tips

  • I will only set people up if I genuinely think they are good for each other because the back lash can be so bad if things don't work out. I know lots of singles, but they just aren't compatible and I don't want to get in the middle of that!

  • No offense, but maybe your friends thought of you as a playah.

    • Thanks for your response. A playa wow? Thanks. . But I'm just a one woman kind of guy

    • OOOoops. I was wrong. Heheh.

    • No worries..

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  • it's really one of two things:
    - they either think you aren't a good match for any of the women they know (possibly b/c you aren't date-worthy?)
    - they think you should be capable enough to find a woman yourself (possibly b/c you are awesome)

    • What's date worthy?

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    • What about#2?

    • what about "what about #2?" I just explained it. it's the 2nd option in my original answer

  • Maybe you are coming off too desperate.

    • Most likely but that's cuz I am.. I'm old

  • Women I know trip over themselves to set me up with friends. And seem angry if I turn them down.