Just need some good advice about a guy I am interested in?

I have been talking to a guy on the internet for 8 years now. I have only seen him recently on Skype I know his name and where he's from and lives, (not his address but just where he used to live and is living) and he doesn't look like a bad guy but I am just unsure about him because he says he is in the Music industry and has worked with Numerous people such as usher, Brandy, and other hip hop or R&B artists. He also just wants nude pictures of myself and doesn't respond unless I give him some. When we talk on Skype we talk and tells me nice stuff but sometimes he wants to do things like sexual things and I do agree sometimes of corse I say no sometimes but its usually ends in something sexual. I just want to know if I am being foolish talking to this man for so long and should I stop talking to him and not meet him.

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  • He sounds sketchy. Try to get proof that he worked with all these celebs. The red flag I see is the fact that he only talks if you send nudes. He seems like he is using you.

    • How would I get proof? should I look at record label websites or something like that. I did see him with I think Christina Millan in a picture. yeah that is sketchy but he says I don't have too but then he wants some.

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    • I did a background check on him and he lives in alabama which he did say he did and he doesn't have a criminal record and he owns the house I even saw it on there I had to pay for it but I found out that he's telling some truth to himself.

    • That's good! Just follow your gut in regards to whether or not you should go down there. If you do, make sure you take a friend with you. Better safe than sorry. Good luck! :)

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  • Sounds like a lot of bs to me. Sometimes I go out with friends and girl friends (just friends) get hit on by guys that say that they are in event planning, entertainment or whatnot. Usually it just means that they've been to a concert in the last year.

    If a guy only responds when you send him nude pictures of himself, it means it's just sexual. Nothing wrong with that if you go in knowing that that's all that is.

    Do you feel like he really wants to know you, what you are doing, what is going on with your life, or does he seem to just add filler to convince you to do sexual things?

    You've communicated with this person for 8 years now, your instincts should tell you where it's at.

    • Thats a good point but I have seen him with christina Millan in a pic he took. I ask him questions and he responds but he could be lying I think I will look at record label websites.

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    • I have a problem with men, I don't know how to pick them right. I think I like the thought of him. I don't actually like the guy so I will have to tell him to get lost or block and tell him he can find someone else.

    • I did a background check on him and I found his house and information. I had to pay for it but I found out he was telling the truth on where he lived. He did tell me he lived in Alabama and thats where I found his home and his home phone number.

  • With this level of investment, I think you should check him out and, to the degree you can, verify his claims. If he checks out, I'd recommend meeting him. Meet in a public place with adequate surveillance to avoid any he said, she said situations. I like IHOP because they have heavy surveillance.

    • I am going to do a background check on him and look at record company websites he says he works for.

  • I wouldn't meet him sound like he is vetting you, if you do meet him make shore it's a very public place! Not just the first time you meet either.

  • Your poll is worded wrongly, the second option should read "I shouldn't meet him", as it stands both options suggest meeting him

    • I think thats what I mean and I will not meet him until I know for sure If he is telling the truth.

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  • He's just using you for sex. Never tolerate a guy who will only talk to you if you are doing sexual things with him.

  • Your story reminds me of the show Catfish. Did you ever think that he might be making up his entire story?

    • thats exactly what i thought of!

    • Meeting him would be a way to find out but...don't do it alone, ask a friend to come with you.

    • yes I am thats why I need an opinion because I don't want to make a mistake or get killed