Why did he call his other gfs his wife when they were dating?

My bf has had 2 other girlfriends besides me. One night we saw his first ex gf which he dated in highschool and his sister in law said something and he said he either divorced her or she divorced him. I can't remember which one. Then when I first moved in I saw a card that said to my wife for his last ex gf. Which they just broke up last February . He has called me his wife a couple times and says he wants to get married. He was the one that has brought it up before and one night I brought up about us getting married first and he said I don't know. Then I said oh u don't want to now. And he's like I don't know. Then he said something about being together forever and i said so we're just going to date the rest of our lives. And he replies with I don't know again. Then he tells my niece one night thay he has been married 3 times. I'm not sure if he was just being sarcastic to her or what. I've never been with a guy that has called all of his gfs his wife. I'm just wondering why he does that and considers them breaking up "divorcing"?


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  • Sounds like a strange one to me.

    • Yeah I've never had a bf call me that. I wouldn't so much mind if he just called me that. But I know he called his his ex that so it's like why do you think their your wife when you are just dating.


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  • this is a new species of guy so i have no idea


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