What's your ideal romantic date? What's fun to do with the person you love?

I love to cook with my boyfriend! Sometimes we'll look on Pinterest together to find delicious-looking recipes, go to the store to get the ingredients, and then come home and cook together. We'll open a bottle of chardonnay and eat our delicious meal together and it's romantic and something we both enjoy.

You're turn! What's your favorite date that you've had with your significant other? Or one that you really want to go on? :)


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  • Go to an intimate concert together to see someone we both like (or at least one of us loves and the other can tolerate--LOL), then we share a meal together (which I cook of course!), and we talk about things that inspire us (so sexy on a woman! Yeeeee!!!). Then we go to the beach at night and get a hot coffee or other tasty beverage, and kiss under the full moon while the waves splash at our feet.

    If at some point she challenges me and provokes my thoughts by discussing music/literature/film/anything, then I'd probably be all over her by the end of the night. Huge turn on!


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  • Banter until it escalates into sex lol.

  • Don't have a GF so im just making this up
    I'd like to plan a surprise romantic evening, where we can have a picnic and walk along the beach, and then maybe a relaxing spa

  • I've never had a girlfriend so this is all theoretical.

    There is this scenic 'cliff' where you can BBQ and watch the sunset. Cause the stone heats up during the day it's very cosy even after sunset. I'd like to go there with my future girlfriend and BBQ, pick nick and cuddle watching the sunset.
    That is if I ever get one :)


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  • Cooking together is great. My SO explores the area we live in a lot, so he takes me to the best places. A few weeks ago we went camping. We went off-roading and found an amazing place next to the beach. It was honestly stunning - http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1819868814.jpg We set up the tent, had some beers and food, and went for a swim in the morning. It was pretty fantastic.