Girlfriend has more experience dating than me?

Hey so my girlfriend has more experience with dating and she's my first girlfriend and I want to make a move but I don't get to feel uncomfortable or scare her away for what I did I want to kiss her if I kiss she going to be my first kiss and I want it to be good we've been going out for almost a 2 months and I want her to feel special and let her know I love her i also try talking to her but when I talk to her it's when during lunch but when I can't she talking to her friends and I don't want to bother her or anything what are ways I can kiss her and not feel nervous or scared.Thanks


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  • definitley kiss her. thats how you show her she's special. and i dont mean to burst your bubble, but youve gone out for 2 months and you love her? I don't know.


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  • Kiss her, whats the worst that could happened? Don't be afraid, your under 18 everyone at the stage has less experiences at that age.