How to text someone who is talkative face to face but isn't while texting or talking on the phone?

Whenever we're at school he talks a lot and smiles but on the phone he is very short and quiet. How can i make him engage properly in the conversation. And why is he like this only when texting but not face to face


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  • Looool! Many women have exactly reverse problem of that.


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  • I am exactly like this guy. I seriously doubt there is any way to help much. Express your concerns, that might help a little bit. But I would simply not go to him for texting... Maybe a call? Calling works better for me. Texting is just so... bleh.

    • Really?:)) at first i taught it was just with me but then others said he did this with them as well. Thanks

    • Ya, I try to tell girls how bad I am at the whole texting thing. I'm sure some take it personally... And the worst part is I feel bad, but just don't do anything about it. I guess I've decided how important texting is to me.

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  • Does he play games on his phone? There are quite a lot of people who never let their phones off their hands because they are addicted to games on the phone and they tend to ignore the texts or make really short conversations...
    Or may be he doesn't like phone in general, so he doesn't like texting?

    • No he doesen't. That's just the way he is with everybody:)) he likes phones