Why do guys who degrade, humiliate, and conquest women always get the girls?

Why do guys who use derogatory terms to describe women, humiliate them by slapping their ass or talk about their private stuff, and go on about their conquests of that girl sexually always get the girls?

I mean, girls are very quick to protest that individual or give their attention to that individual whether it is for spite or not.

Why? It just makes me want to be a bad guy.


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  • I'm going to give you an **answer** that I've reached after 10 years of studying the subject. I have been the nice-guy and I have been the bad guy. I'm now neither, and do much better than either ;)

    ==Girls will come in here==

    And tell you bla bla bla bla, that's stupid, no girls don't do that... bla bla


    They will try to blame men for it, and say that ALL guys are like that, lol.

    ==Guys will in here and say==

    Yeah, all girls for bad guys, I am so nice, sniff, sniff, whine, whine... Girls like bad guys, bohooooooo... sniff sniff...


    They're both wrong.

    The girl is wrong because = Yes, most girls, do tend to mostly pick assholes

    The guy is wrong because = Its not true that she wants an asshole, the truth is she DOESNT want a jerk, she really DOES want a good guy.


    She DOES want a good guy who respects her. But she ends up with assholes because she ussually has no choice


    And why does she have no choice? Because 9 out of 10 guys who approach her are assholes. Most guys she ever meets are assholes. Most guys she ever sees are assholes.

    Her only choice is ussually between a fun, spontaneous, strong, adventorous asshole


    A lame, boring, whiny, nice-guy with no spine, no social skills who's completely emasculated

    She's ussually just choosing the lesser evil.


    I blame MEN equally for this problem!


    Sure, 90% of guys are good guys... But they're spending all their time whining instead of being SEEN. They play WOW all day and watch porn instead of meeting girls, and then they complain the jerks get all the girls. While you're on the net surfing for porn, he's out there meeting girls.

    A nice-guy who goes out there, builds up his confidence and becomes a REAL-man === Strong but respectful, Assertive but understanding, Charismatic, but not cocky ===> He will beat out a bad-boy ANY DAY!

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      Mate that is a great answer and I never thought of it this way.

      For me I am ok around people socially but tighten up when it comes to approachin a girl I am attracted to- any advice for that

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      I don't get your point?

      You keep telling me that bad guys get more attention than nice-guys? AND, your point would be, lol.

      They do NOT get more attention than good-guys, and you keep not seeing that part. Good guys are REALLY REALLY rare. Like 0.1% of the population. They can create INTEREST and being seen and still be good.

      Of course a dramatic, emotional question gets more interest from women, duh! As opposed to boring, lame questions from nice guys. A good guy can be INTERESTING & good

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      Alek is on the money with his answer, the whiny and passive guys of the world need to "man up" and approach the girls they're interested in. How is the girl supposed to choose them if they don't even make the attempt in the first place? "Strong but respectful, assertive but understanding, charismatic but not cocky." This template is what women ARE looking for.