Is this okay to send him as a sort of apology for our argument?

Does this sound okay to apologise? He did say he would text me I a few days but 4 days on I've had nothing, I don't want things to end on bad terms between us as we've always been good friends, I regret what I said to him and want him yo know that. So does it sound okay guys? How would you Perciece this? I want to be mature about it & open minded.

'look I shouldn't have said what I did, I was angry & I let it get the better of me. I know you wanted your space & I heard about some of your problems... And I hope you get them resolved, I'm also here if you need to talk about them. We do need to talk though & I promise I won't get angry I don't like the arguments either.'


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  • Yeah, it's probably best if you apologize.


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  • I think that sounds good. The only thing it can do is make things better and it puts your mind at ease and ball in his court to text back.