Inexperienced woman and dating?

I'm in my late 20s and because of my shyness and low self-esteem. I never really had a boyfriend or ever kissed a boy. I've went on a few tame dates but nothing that really interested me. The hard part is that I'm in college. And it is very important to me to focus on school and complete school. I really want to casually date but I'm afraid of becoming infatuated/overwhelmed or if somebody likes me that they expect more of my time than I want to give and I want to check out my options and not feel tied down to anybody. Would guys even be interested in me? I still struggle with confidence and have my issues (who doesn't) but I have strengths and qualities that I feel would attract guys. But does the whole relationship inexperienced girl raise major red flags to men?


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  • You won't know about dating until you give it a try - but to most men, if the woman they were dating didn't have experience at it, that would not be a deal-breaker. The guys out there that mean anything will care more about who you are a person, rather than if you've never dated before. And I agree with TLH in that it would be a good idea to tell the guys you talk to or date that finishing your degree is a top priority - and if they're really worth it, they will understand.

  • I think that you should go for it... but before you commit to anything or anyone, you should tell them that school is really important to you. I know its not that complicated of an answer, but it works, and they WILL be interested in you. I promise! :)


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