Have you ever been too afraid to text a guy you like because of fear him asking you out on a date?

Like if your experience of dating is very little do you get nervous to text a guy back because you fear he may ask you on a date and you don't know how you'd cope with it? So you don't get back in touch.


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  • If you like him. i would think you want him to ask you out... why would you be afraid. I would be more afraid of rejection. We only get better by experience so happy dating! There is really nothing to dating except for getting to know people. Just enjoy it and hopefully he will ask you out. TEXT HIM!

  • No, if I like him I look forward to texts or IM. It can be nerve-wracking but I've never not communicated because I was scared of being asked out. If I didn't like him in that way, then yes I might not text or call.


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