Career advice is needed...

ok so I've been out of college since August 2010 and here it is almost December 2012. 2+ years later and I still don't have a career. I do have a job but by no means can this job be what I do for the rest of my life. 12 bucks an hour and about 22 hours a week.

Now, I do have a dream job that I have been going after since July 2010. I really want to be a firefighter and the hiring process takes up to a year to complete before they tell you if you get the job or not. Since July 2010 somethings have happened that are not in my favor.

Things like when I applied in July 2010 that county and all surrounding counties then went into a hiring freeze and haven't hired any firefighters/teacher/police for awhile. Now, they took the freeze off in November 2011 and I have been in the process ever since for two different locations. One in Maryland and the other in Virginia. The one in Maryland I just found out I will not get an offer for the January 2013 academy.

On the other hand The maryland location is "TRYING" to have another class in may or June 2013 and I've been told I'm a lock to receive an offer for that academy IF it happens. For Virginia, I hear they are holding a class in March or April and so far I have done well on each step in the process but I don't know if I will get the job or not.

So, the question is this...Do I continue to work at the same job I have now 12 bucks an hour and just got told I will be guaranteed 30 hours a week no matter what. Or do I try and find a Career job?

The reason this fits on this website is because my girlfriend really wants me to move on from this because obviously I have been going after it for 2+ years and have nothing to show for it. I understand her point of view and I can see why she wants me to move on to start making career money but I don't know lol what should I do?


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  • get a stem degree this is the 21st century after all