Great movies with amazing soundtracks

I've recently written a myTake about classical music, so I decided writing another one sharing my favorite soundtracks.

Les Choristes

This was the first movie I paid attention to the sountrack. I first watched it at a very young age and my dream was to be a part of the choir and date the main singer xD - and since then, this movie brings me to tears every time.

Amelie Poulain

This was one of the first soundtracks that caught my attention. I watched it when I was pretty young too, and I was convinced that it was in fact a movie about me, as I really looked like young Amelie. I love how the songs sound melancholic, yet full of hope.

Betty Blue

One of the strongest and saddest movies I've ever seen, and one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've ever heard.


Translates the despair and passion of the movie perfectly.

The Bridges of Madison County

A beautifully delicate song for this amazing movie. Love translated to sounds and chords.

Last Tango in Paris

Iconic. Eternal. Playful. This music is perfection when you're wandering through the streets of the city of Lights.

There are other ones that are great too, such as The Godfather soundtrack. What is your favorite? Leave it on the comments below!



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  • Great Gatsby had an amazing soundtrack... really added to the movie, plus made for good listening afterwards as well.

    I just watch 'Fault in Our Stars' last weekend for the first time, also had a very good soundtrack. More slow-paced and emotional, but good for some chill nights in, no doubt.

  • I don't think enough credit is given to Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story's soundtrack, especially the theme song by Randy Edelman. Even if people didn't like the film, the theme song has that old school goose-bumpy feeling whenever there was a triumphant scene in the film:

    My next favourite is the Crocodile Dundee theme song and soundtrack by Peter Best. The theme song here too gave me goosebumps when Sue ran after Mick at the subway station. I loved it enough to actually buy this soundtrack just for the song:

    • Congrats on getting to Guru level Ozanne!
      (And those are also great soundtrack music choices you picked too :D)

    • Thanks @dangerDoge I didn't think people paid attention to the levels of others! LOL! But yeah I just hit it today.

  • So glad to see Yann Tiersen's Amelie soundtrack on here! One of my favorites, for sure. I especially love this one

    I love soundtracks, and listen to a few every day while working. Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore), Fifth Element (Eric Serra), TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk), The Last Samurai (Hans Zimmer), The Theory of Everything (Jóhann Jóhannsson)

    There's just so many I love and don't have enough room on her to type out. There's also great soundtracks for tv shows and video games. :)

  • I really want to see Betty Blue now :) I knew the soundtrack from Amelie Poulain, it is beautiful. Nice take!

  • I love Amelie's OST. Give me anything by Yann Tiersen and I will be very happy. :)

  • The great Gatsby (2015) did

  • Wheres Juno?

  • Dracula Untold @ 3:30:

    Twilight Score: Bella's Lullaby:

    Twilight New Moon Score: Full Moon