Jewish Movies You Gotta Watch!

I saw these movies some months ago and I loved them, very informative and amazingly interesting. I think you guys need to give it a try.

8. Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Jewish movies you gotta watch!

Good documentary, I liked it, I learned a lot about this awesome poducer of jewish descent. Very funny and talented.

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7. Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy

Talented people, the Jews were present in Broadway and they left their talent on the stage. Awesome documentary about Broadway and its history.

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6. A Film Unfinished

A very very sad documentary, I cried a lot with this, although, I loved it. It's incredible what these people saw and lived, they have my infinite respect for this.

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5. The Lost Key

A movie for couples and marriage and the most important thing: intimacy. This documentary will give the word "intimacy" a whole new meaning. From the jewish point, you'll learn how to make everything work.

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4. Zaytoun

The impossible friendship became possible. I loved this movie sooo much. It's emotional and of course as a terribly emotional person, I cried with this. You think about how lucky you are for not needing to live these kind of things. These kids don't know what childhood means.

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3. My awkward sexual adventure

Dudes, you gotta watch this. It's hilarious!! I think half of the dudes in here go through a similar situation XD the dude is shy and the amazing and kind stripper helps this guy. This one have a happy ending that you'll love.

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2. Big Bad Wolves

UH-MAZING! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!!!!! You don't expect that shit, that's the most amazing part. If you like to be surprised and if you like violence and pedophilia, this is your movie XD

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1. Out in the Dark

I could say this is my favorite movie at the moment. I even recommend it to homophobes, you have to be heartless if you don't feel sorry for these guys. Impossible love and they make it work... well, that's what I want to believe because you never know, the way this movie ends will make you shit bricks.

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  • I've never heard of any of these, and i'd watch all these except SuperMench because nebbish looking guys irritate me :P
    Look any mytake where i discover new movies, and get a good idea of what they are, So good job!

  • You forgot star wars


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