Why most people nowadays call every Electronic Dance Music genre as “EDM”? Why such a generalization?

EDM is a very generic term. EDM obviously means, Electronic Dance Music, but it has many subgenres. Not every Electronic Dance Music genre is similar. I just hate generalizations. Like this or the “Alternative” one. If you go to a music store, they just round up every music genre that’s not Pop, R’n’B or Rock as “Alternative”. Like for example genres like New Wave, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock and Alternative Rock fall under this category. Very generalizing isn’t it?

Anyway, now about EDM. Here’s a list of 10 different EDM subgenres. Each one is different than each other.
(In Chronological order)

1) Hi-NRG

2) Electro

3) Italo-Disco

4) Detroit Techno

5) Electronic Body Music

6) Acid House

7) Hardcore Techno

8) Eurodance

9) Dream Trance

10) Progressive Trance


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  • It's the same as pretty much every other genre. Metal can be divided into loads of different sub-genres such as thrash, death, black, folk, pirate, power, glam, hair, same with rock and indie and most other genres of music. It just works like that.

    • Yeah, I don't have much knowledge about metal-related music generally to be honest, but it has tons of different genres as far as I know. Same thing here though. If someone tells you "I listen to metal", can you really understand what exactly he/she listens to? No!

    • Nope, you can't, but that's why you ask them and you develop a greater understanding and a deeper friendship with the other person. It's just that EDM is not alone as being a genre where loads of different styles are all lumped together, so there's really no use singling it out and acting like the generalisation is unfair when the truth is that it happens to pretty much every genre of music.

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