Hot male actors over 40

10.- Josh Duhamel, 43

Hot male actors over 40

Josh, Josh, Josh, JOSH, why you so hot? I don't know how's luckier... Fergie or you? XD

9.- Christian Bale, 41

Batman is love, Batman is life. Do I need to say more?

8.- Lenny Kravitz, 51

Mr. Kravitz has been getting kitties for 51 years. I'm pretty sure that since the day he was born all the babies in the incubator wanted to be around him XD

7.- Tom Cruise, 53

Being hotter than Tom is just not possible. This dude has the best genes I've seen.

6.- Keanu Reeves, 51

This is how a vampire looks like. We'll never know how he keeps looking as hot as he was when younger.

5.- Brad Pitt, 52

Benjamin Button right there... He only gets hotter with age. Share your secret, hot stuf ;)

4.- Leonardo DiCaprio, 41

Doesn't matter what they say, Leo, you're a freaking winner for me <3

3.- Bradley Cooper, 41

Elegant, talented and HOT, incredibly HOT. 41 and still could get any lady.

2.- Will Smith, 47

My mom and I went to the cinema and we watched "Focus" and I was like "oh gosh, he's so hot" and she was like "he's like 50", and it was an awkward moment... but damn, I'd totally bang him if I had the chance.

1.- Paul Rudd, 46

He's one of my biggest crushes, I love this dude sooooo much. He's so hot and funny.

Honorable Mention:


61 and still kicks ass, heck yeah, Denzel!

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