3 TV Shows That Have Totally Overstayed Their Welcome

1. SpongeBob Squarepants

This sea sponge has been a regular fixture on Nickelodeon for the past 18 years. After hundreds of episodes,two movies, several video games and merchandise I think it's time our yellow sea sponge and his friends go to the retirement home with Mermaidman and Barnacleboy.

2. The Simpsons

Since debuting during the holiday season in 1989 The Simpson's have been the number one animated sitcom of all time. Surpassing TV shows like Friends,Seinfeld,Gunsmoke, and WWE Raw. After almost thirty years on the air, plus with the advent of more edgier cartoons and adult comedy such as:Family Guy and South Park The Simpson's really aren't much but a former shell of themselves. Plus Marge and Homer are now seperated so It needs to end.

3. Family Guy

This show was really popular in the 2000s. But since has really lost its popularity. I mean you really don't hear much about it anymore, or Seth McFarlane. I don't think he's really working on much anymore since The Cleveland show got cancelled and American Dad changed networks. Plus Ted 2 bombed out. Seth McFarlane just needs to try to stop being funny.

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  • I agree with the first 2 and the last one makes me a little bummed about it.

    • The first two just ain't what they used to be

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    • Definitely, didn't the show stop being funny after the 90's? I've at least heard that it's really boring to see new episodes.

    • I mean i get the whole thing about them predicting the future, but it's just time for the Simpson's to go away. Or at least live in history

Most Helpful Guy

  • As much as I've always liked all three (for the most part), I sort of have to agree. And the longer The Simpsons and Family Guy runs, the more blatantly political they both get... if I want to watch South Park, I will. I kinda just want silliness with the other two.

    • The Simpson's have lost their edge. They aren't really considered adult anymore. Family Guy is just too edgy at times. Spongebob could get better if they had better writers, plugs it seems like newer episodes have longer storylines


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  • agree about simpsons and family guy

    The simpsons for sure. it's almost unrecognizable. i haven't really enjoyed it since season 8

    And I thought Family Guy had overstayed it's welcome after about seasons 5-7

    haven't seen spongebob in over a decade but i'd imagine it too is pretty trite at this point

  • As long as they make $$$$$$ and continue to bring income to their TV networks then they aren't going to be cancelled any time soon. Family Guy WAS cancelled and taken off the air before IIRC, but somehow they managed to bring it back and now it seems like it's still going to keep having new episodes and seasons produced.

    It's ALWAYS about Profit and what is Profitable for the TV Networks, and "Ratings" as the TV networks are just businesses and corporations, so what else could be the reason for why those shows are still around?

    • I just don't get how some shows can last twenty or thirty years, but some can't even last 1 year.

    • They always go by ratings. The more higher the ratings or more "overrated" something is then it's going to continue to make them money. Besides for those people that work on those shows they'll never have to worry about suffering a job loss any time soon since these shows just refused to ever end or get cancelled anytime soon.

  • Still working on Camelorum Adventures to help fill the void. It will be a limited run though. No sense running it into the ground.

  • Family guy has not significantly depreciated.

    And the first four seasons of Spongebob were some of the greatest artistic expressions of the century.

  • I honestly agree. All might have been great but for all of them everyone will say the older ones were better.

  • 3 amazing shows that are no longer any good. Great take

  • Spongebob Squarepants is still putting out new episodes?
    Not sure about the Simpsons; I haven't seen any of their latest episodes - I did not know Marge and Homer were separated.
    I never liked Family Guy that much.

  • No. 3 robot chicken is where it's at.

    • I totally forgot about that, but that's Seth Green's project ain't it?

    • it is seth greens project but he's involved in it also. I don't know im not a fan of family guy. you never know what the networks forcing upon the writers also. it's probably advertisers ruining the show.

    • I know. I mean the shows were awesome and cutting edge back in the day, but with the advent of edgier programs they just all lost their touch

  • Patrick should get his own show