The 10 Most Gruesome Deaths in Game of Thrones

There is probably an equal amount of sad deaths but this my take is just for the gruesome deaths I will save the sad deaths for next time.

1. Oberyn

I saw Oberyn's death coming because he got too confident but certainly not in this way.

2. Mago

Khal Drogo belongs on Mortal Kombat.

3. Ramsay

I love the irony behind Ramsay getting torn apart by his own dogs. I love it even more that Sansa got to do it.

4. Ser Rodrik

If you ever feel sorry for Theon, watch this scene.

5. Robb, Catelyn, Talisa

This one is obvious. Talisa got stabbed five times, because you know why stop at one time? Then Robb Stark was killed, if you weren't already feeling woozy enough Robb Stark's head was chopped off and then sewn onto his death direwolf's body. And then Catelyn, who feels she has nothing to life for, gets her throat slit.

6. Viserys

Khal Drogo it at it again. I immediately didn't like Viserys and wanted him dead. I am glad Khal Drogo did it. I love the irony behind Viserys's death, because he did get crowned.

7. Lysa

This was hardcore of Lord Baelish to do.

8. Death by rats

There wasn't a lot of blood but you can tell it was brutal and painful.

9. Xaro Xhoan Daxos

One example of why you don't steal Dany's dragons.

10. Ros

This was brutal it really showed Joffrey's ruthlessness.

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What Guys Said 5

  • 3mo

    Ramsay got what he deserved... very good Take :D

  • 3mo

    Any time the Mountain kills someone it's gruesome as f*ck.

  • Unfortunately the vids don't work for me obviously Ramsey's is clearest in my mind - Maybe because I am a man, the most gruesome thing that springs to mind is Ramsey's torture of Theon shall we say, certain removals.

  • Trystane Martell? Spear through the face not gruesome enough?

  • Not even joffrey? XD


What Girls Said 1

  • Oberyn death depresses me, he was so damn awesome!

    • i bet you were screaming along with his wife as soon as his head burst like a watermelon lol

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    • 3mo

      It wasn't just in the books. He gets poisoned in the tv show and dies but he gets resurrected.

    • 3mo

      Yeah it's not that different from the books in that respect. It's just more subtle because he's called Ser Robert Strong in the books when we all know it's a zombie Mountain.