10 Exquisitely Unique Beauties Hollywood Should Appreciate More

These people are stunning! Literally their beauty stunns me. People should really appreciate exotic uniqueness more often and give a chance to a different, rarer kind of beauty.

Mind you > it's still classic beauty, just not the blue eyed, blonde haired women and buff, tan men.


Hollywood should give them more of a chance - not because they're beautiful, but because they're talented, but let's be honest, the industry hires those who they believe the majority will find appealing and sexy...and I don't see why these people aren't considered as beautiful and as sexy as the people getting LEADING roles nowadays.

Gina Torres

Eqxuisitly Unique Beauties Hollywood Should Appreciate More

Kristen Kreuk

Rami Malek

Indira Varma

Ruth Negga

Antonia Thomas

Seth Green

Karl Yune

Rila Fukushima

Robert Sheehan

Feel free to add your own exotic, unique beauties below!

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