16 Stunning Past and Present Photographs of Humans Around the World

1. Strangers on a public bus try to save a woman after she slit her wrists.

16 Stunning, Past and Present Photographs of Humans Around the World

2. A woman and her daughter, who are both survivors of an acid attack.

3. Martin Luther King Jr, during one of the many times he was arrested.

4. There is one man in this photograph who refused to salute Hitler. Try to find him.

5. Marines smiling for the camera.

6. A busy street.

7. Women who are housewives and fight ISIS.

8. Two brothers.

9. A relieved brother hugging his baby sister after she was found alive after a strike attack in Syria.

10. A child soldier having a cigarette.

11. Rescuers getting children out after a strike attack.

12. A young musician playing for his music teacher's funeral.

13. Muslim women singing and playing guitar together on a public bus.

14. After Manbij, Syria was liberated women burned their burqas. Supposedly the woman in this photo said, "to hell with this thing" right before she lit it on fire.

15. Same city as number 14, people smoked cigarettes publicly, men cut their beards, and children played in the streets. Of course, this celebration was in a very apocalyptic scene and the city has been decimated.

16. One of the members of Little Rock Nine, Elizabeth Eckford tries to go to school.

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