15 Best Couples in Comic Books <3

I haven't written any takes for a while. I've been busy the last few weeks and I've also been logging in less often. I thought I would write one about my favorite couples. Note that I'm not including manga couples because this list would be much longer otherwise. And just to be clear, this is indeed about canon couples and not ones that I've made up in my head.

15. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

So for those of you who are not aware, the two of them are currently in a relationship in the comics. Ivy helped her get away from her abusive relationship with the Joker.

These two have a long history together, even before the New 52. I’m glad DC Comics is slowly transitioning both into the anti-heroes territory. If you think about it, how can Poison Ivy really be a villain if she’s fighting for the environment? It’s only when she pulls stunts like robbing a bank that classifies her as a villain, and I have a hunch she’s gonna use those for environmental purposes.

And please don't bring up Joker and Harley since he does not love her and DC has never said that he does.

14. Hulk and Caiera

He met her during the Planet Hulk storyline. They originally started out as enemies trying to kill each other but later developed a really close relationship.

She also didn't see him as a monster and accepted him for who he really is.

It's sad how things ended between them though. She was pregnant with his child and Hulk had finally found a home.

13. Aquaman and Mera

12. Apollo and Midnighter

The two of them have great chemistry and I've always liked the dynamic between them. I had no idea DC would actually do this but I like what they've done.

11. Green Arrow and Black Canary

Not only have they been a thing for a really long time, but they've also got their own series together now. There was even a Wedding Special issue which was all about their wedding.

10. Gambit and Rogue

I first saw the chemistry between them in the X-Men cartoon. I only recently started reading comics about them and while I do like what I've read so far, I know their relationship better from the cartoons.

9. Nightwing and Batgirl/Oracle

8. Barry Allen (Flash) and Iris West

I couldn't think of a good pic to post so I guess I'll just go with this one.

7. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane

This is from an old comic but it's really hard not to think of this early moment when I think of them.

6. Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Susan Storm (Invisible Woman)

Yes, the two of them from the Fantastic Four. They are considered Marvel's first family. It sucks that their honeymoon didn't go as planned.

5. Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul (sorry Catwoman fans 😢)

I really like Talia when she's not written as a psychopath/sociopath. I just wish she would be more mainstream and her loyalty to her father wouldn't get in the way.

4. Black Panther and Storm

So for the fans who've only been following the movies, the two of them were married for 7 years in the comics. They actually have a long history and originally met when they were both teenagers.

Their wedding took place at around the same time as the Civil War story arc. T'Challa was actually neutral during the war and tried to convince them to talk it out instead.

He only ended up joining the war because Storm was being forced to sign the Superhuman Registration Act.

They eventually got divorced in the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline which took place 6 years later, where they ended up turning on each other. The story tries to convince you that it's because of the conflict between the two groups and the fact that Namor managed to take out Wakanda. But fans know the real reason for their divorce: Marvel is trying to get rid of the X-Men!

3. Superman and Lois Lane

Well, they are one of the oldest comic book couples, so they were bound to make this list. I love how Clark always tries to look for a normal life with her.

2. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

The two of them are currently married and have a daughter (and their daughter is just adorable).

You also know never to try and make him jealous. You can ask Spider-Man.

1. Archie and Betty

This is probably the only couple on this list that isn't related to superheroes. Archie Comics might be the first ones that I've actually read.

They recently rebooted the series with a different tone and a new art style, but the stories are still about what they used to be... A love triangle between the two of them and a character called Veronica.

I know a lot of fans who prefer Archie and Veronica as a couple but I'm not a fan. Veronica was bitchy and rude when she was introduced, especially to Archie, and she was also very shallow. Betty definitely seemed to care about him a lot more.

There are a few more that I would add but I ran out of pictures. I could add them as honorable mentions but meh, I'm too lazy. I might edit this later to add them and also correct typos.


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  • You mean nightwing and barbara gordon, cause the other batgirls aren't his love interest if I recall

  • Ok, my opinion about these couples...

    15. No comment about them as a couple, I like them both as characters, but Catwoman is my favorite villainess in Batman comics :P
    14. Weird, but ok I guess, some women like larger men.
    13. Great couple indeed.
    12. I don 't know who they are, but I don't like them anyway. The first one looks like a copy of Sentry, while the other one kinda resembles Batman (I dislike perverted copycat characters) - they dishonor the originals.
    11. One of my favorite couples.
    10. Also very nice couple.
    9. Big like too :)
    8. Probably my favorite couple in this Take :D
    7. Classic, shy guy and hot redhead ;)
    6. Good, good, no objection here.
    5. However, I'm a Catwoman fan - Ok, I like Talia too, but...
    4. Ok, fine couple.
    3. Another classic :)
    2. Interesting, they are both great characters, I wonder if their daughter is going to be in the tv show.
    1. Despite them not being superheroes, they look like a cute couple :D

    So, when is the next Take going to be finished, I'm still waiting for the Masters Of The Universe? ;)

  • Yes, the rich girl/poor girl dynamic between Veronica and Betty was always interesting..

    Also, I liked Peter Parker having an ambitious girl friend who was a Trump tramp, sleeping with her bosses (never explicit, of course, but hinted at) and often sleeping with whatever super-villain he was having to confront as Spider-Man... these super villains were modeled on business tycoons like Don Trump...

    Spider Man in real life was a nobody, and his girl friend was bored...
    Just like a lot of real life in the big city!!

  • Sorry I prefer Deadpool and Death xD


  • Come on, Batman and Catwoman are the best damn it!


  • Nice mytake and very interesting couples matched up.

  • I never understood why Harley was this pale. Did she also happen to fall in to a tank like Joker did?

    • Depends on the writer. In the animated Batman TV show in 1992, she simply wore lots of makeup. By this year's Suicide Squad film, the Joker actually throws her into the same chemical vat that created him.

    • She originally just used makeup for her face but the writers decided to keep things that way because she was well-known. Not sure about the rest of her body though.

  • Archy and Beth are superheroes?

  • There are a lot more of them didn't showed up on google search i'm afraid.
    Honorable Mention:
    Beauty & Beast - Fables (not the disney)
    Bigby Wolf & Snow White - Fables
    Hawkman & Hawkgirl - X-men
    Deadpool & Shiklah
    Black Bolt & Medusa - Inhumans
    Daredevil & Elektra
    Cyclops & Emma Frost
    Colossus & Kitty Pryde

    • Agree with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Bigby and Snow White, and Black Bold and Medusa... I actually like Deadpool with Death a lot more than Shiklah. I've always liked the tragic relationship they've had.
      Not a fan of Colossus and Kitty tbh. I liked her with Iceman. Still don't get why Marvel said that he's gay when he's never shown any signs.
      I do like Daredevil and Electra but also Daredevil and Black Widow. They dated for a really long time in the comics.

    • Kitty & Iceman more like a "Forced" relationship and iceman is just a rebound.

    • Yes. But their relationship worked really well in all of the alternate universes. He was the first character she dated in Ultimate X-Men. 616 just suffered from bad writing because Jason Aaron made little to no effort reading back issues for the characters he’s writing.

  • Not a fan of all these pairings, but most of them work well together.

    • I actually frequently utilize that the character gets one false start and the second partner is perfect.

      - Candi was with Danny first, and it almost worked out but then didn't. Then she got Donte, and that did work out. (Though their common enemies went to absurd lengths to interfere.) When she fears Donte might die, she considers Jack as a backup. But while he steals a kiss from her, she ultimately decides not to let it go any further. (In spite being very tempted.)

      - Miriam was with Chris, then Tamperwolf, then Phil Couric, and finally married Steve.

      - Mingmei, after meeting Shing, always knew her heart would belong to him. Though, she was willing to settle for Brian Mizgel if she couldn't have Shing. (And she slept with both of them quite a lot. Since she was once upon a time forced to work as a prostitute, this was easy for her.)

      - Stephanie Barrin had three boyfriends too, and married the third.

    • Yeah that's true in a lot of cases. A lot of times, it doesn't really start out well.

  • Haha I love all of your comic book takes. Please keep making them! Also my favorite couple here was Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy because well... they're sexy lesbians :P

    Also I like how you added spiderman into the jessica jones luke cage one. Didn't know that Jessica Jones and spiderman did anything together :)

    • They went to high school together and she had a crush on Peter (not knowing that he's Spider-Man)

  • Gambit and Rogue were great in the X-Men cartoons, though I never really read the comics. When reading her history I did read that one writer made her a cheating whore who slept with Magneto though basically right after having a deep conversation with Gambit.. ugh.

  • My favorite was always Vision and Scarlet witch i.kinja-img.com/.../cnpo7e3kphr7gxdpgst1.png

    • Ah yes. I forgot about them. I might add them in the honorable mentions later

  • I like reed Richards and Susan Storm because they give birth to Franklin Richards who's basically a god.

    But I also really love Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul because they give birth to Damian who is awesome.

  • Why would Poison Ivy be a villain? Because she would gleefully murder millions of people, maybe? Or because she places no value on human life? Basically the same reasons as Dr. Quinzel cannot be anything other than a villain.
    Also, wasn't Tim Drake married to Barbara Gordon?

    • Well her intentions aren't exactly "evil" but she's willing to do some pretty nasty stuff to get what she wants. I get what you mean though.

      And as far as I remember, her and Dick got engaged right before Infinite Crisis but had to end it

    • Show All
    • I've only played the first two Arkham games. Still have to try out Arkham Knight but I was disappointed with Origins

    • I liked the first three.
      Arkham Knight is good, it's just that the boss fights are so lame and anticlimatic. It's horrible.

  • Betty > Veronica.

  • You forgot ap'n and Bucky...

  • good topic

  • love your list ! though i would include Scott and Jean, they are iconic Marvel couple.

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