Who play League (aka League of legends) here?

If you do what's your rank?


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  • Yay, someone who actually plays! I don't do ranked. I had a very bad experience when I first tried: out of ten games, there were 6 AFKs and the flaming was intense. I think I can be pretty good sometimes though. I was 1v1'd a Gold 4 and won so that should mean something, right?

    I main mid, support, and adc. My hard drive blew some I can't play til at least Sept. We should try to do some matches, yeah? Maybe you can teach me how to jungle and top?

    • It's interesting, ranked aren't that bad, if you're decent, you will climb anyway :P But you really had badluck haha. We could play, are you NA or EU?

    • Best Karma NA!

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  • *cough* Dota 2 *cough* 😂 I was playing with this one chick and she was teaching me but I just couldn't get into it :/

    • I have played both, both are great game, honestly. League is hard to get into, since there is a lot of smurf, but the gameplay once you got it, make the game really fun to play ! What's your fav heros in Dota?

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    • Get your Dota loving ass outta here! League for life!! (Joke)

    • We'll league copied the hell outta Dota...


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  • I once tried but the community sucks and I gave up soon after.

  • I've never been a fan of ranked and the hostile air, although I can reliably hold my own against high Golds and low Plats. Support main because I'm too polite to instalock like all the other scumbags on EUW.

    • I feel you. I do draft norms because i hate instalocking too. There is good people who play the game and bad. I think it got a bit better this year, way less toxicity, but there is still work to do. Always try your best to make the community better !

    • My issue is that support is by far my best role to the point that I've frequently carried with it, but the issue is that my MMR's too high to try and learn other roles efficiently. Those rare times where I'm made to do something else, my experience is super limited and I don't do too well :l

  • I like watching it more than playing. Words around the corner

  • Uhm... I'm too cool for that game.

    Fuck! Where are my hipster glasses?

  • i play mostly for fun, would play bit more ranked but some players give you a bad time