Xbox One turned on by itself. Opinions?

So the console was completely off and I was in the living room looking in the mirror. We don't have any other accessories other than controllers by the way. I started walking away and I heard a noise but I originally thought it was my camera's recording tone. The Xbox wasn't on. Then I countinued doing what I was doing and it happened 2 more times and the disk ejected and the light came on. How is this even possible? The whole time I was no closer than 5 feet to it. I know only 2-3 times we found it on when nobody had used it. I know they said the PS4 does that when it overheats depending on the situation but nobody played since maybe 9:00 last night and it's in the coolest room in the house. I wanna say paranormal activity but I'm pretty sure someone else has a logical explanation.


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  • looks like others have had this issue too. here's what i found:

    "Just to double check:

    Are you using your console in the Instant-On power mode?
    Have you enabled your console to auto power off after a period of inactivity?

    One thing I would recommend trying:

    Turn off your console completely by holding down the power button for ~5 seconds
    Unplug your power supply from the wall and console.
    Leave everything unplugged for about 5 minutes
    Plug everything back in and turn your console back on"


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  • Ghosts? No, not really. remember, with MOST electronic today, they are NEVER really off so long as they're plugged in. As a result, they can turn themselves ON under the right circumstances, like overheating.

  • Destroy it, that is the first sign that it is developing sentience and may very well begin plotting to overthrow humanity.

  • Someone is hacking your device!!!

  • Get a Ghost Busta crew up in da house! 👿

  • was it at night?


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