Gillian Flynn fans! Which of her books should I read first?

I fell in love with her writing when I stumbled across the short story she wrote for "Rogues," but I don't know which of her books to read first. Anyone wanna help me out? =)

  • Sharp Objects
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  • Dark Places
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  • Gone Girl
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  • You knew the answer, though. It's Gone Girl.

    • I read the first two pages of it at work yesterday. Those alone were wonderfully chilling!

    • Haha. Cool. Gillian's one of those writers where you'll end up reading everything, probably. In a way it doesn't matter where you start. :)

      I also recommend Thomas Perry, who's a lot less widely known but at least as excellent, especially the Jane Whitefield novels. :)

      Enjoy your reading.

    • Very cool. Many thanks. Enjoy Gillian. :)

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