The Great Apple Debate: Red or Green?

I love apples. Especially with peanut butter. But I've noticed that I don't really like green apples. They tend to be more dry and tart. I prefer red apples. The darker red they are, the better.

Which one do you prefer?

  • Red Apples
    47% (22)53% (10)48% (32)Vote
  • Green Apples
    47% (22)42% (8)45% (30)Vote
  • I don't like apples
    6% (3)5% (1)7% (4)Vote
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  • Actually.. I'm going to be difficult now..
    I prefer yellow coloured apples, as I find them to have
    a slightly sweeter apple taste. ^.^

    Though, from your options, I'd pick a red'ish apple.


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