What if there was a movie called 'Revenge of the Creeps,' how would the story go?

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  • All the old men who get a kick out of hitting on young girls team up to kidnap them. They basically teach all these girls that if they didn't want to be flirted with in the first place, then they should dress and act their age lol

    • Lol thanks for mho

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  • A 50 year old man decides to send a dick pic to an underage girl online. The Girl ends up being an FBI agent. Man gets arrested, and is charged and sentenced to 5 years in prison. This man is now 55, he was also a computer programmer and a hacker. He finds out who the FBI agent is who deceived him, and sends graphic pictures to his wife. The FBI agent tracks down the hacker, then shoots the man in face. The end.


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