Are you an artist?

Well, are you? Which media do you prefer? Crafting counts, too! Feel free to share some of your work or techniques :)
Note: dont be rude to others if you dont understand their art. Its about expression, and its never a competition. All art is beautiful.

I personally prefer acrylic painting and graphite. Im working on becoming better at graphite drawing and starting to dabble in polymer clay :)
Here's a couple of mine:

Are you an artist?


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  • I think of myself as one. I like to draw and paint. My usual medium for painting is oil paint.


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  • I'm mostly a sketch artist. Sometimes I ink and/or use Copic markers on them. I've also dabbled in typography, graphics, acrylics, clay model sculpting, scrapbooking and card-making. Can't show you any though, this site won't let me post a link.