The Vist or The Intern, if you had choose which movie would you rather see?

I'm going to lunch and the movies with my Aunt and cousin, tomorrow. The movies it's between is The Vist and The Intern, so I was just curious what everybody else would choose between those two.

So, what's your choice?

  • The Vist
    14% (1)100% (1)25% (2)Vote
  • The Intern
    86% (6)0% (0)75% (6)Vote
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  • The Visit lol!! Is the Intern that movie with Tina Fey? I like her but I'd go with the old folks for once

  • I haven't watched the visit but I saw the trailer and it didn't seem so scary. I watched the intern and it's a great movie I suggest u watch that it's funny and happy.