How to tell if I'm singing badly or not?

I've been taking singin lessons for over a month and I really feel like I've imporved. Some lady out in a another room of the studio said I had a beautiful voice. However, when I record me singing on my iphone I sound like crap. I sound flat and out of tune. I am really a bad singer? Or is it the crappy audio quality on my phone that makes it seem that way? How can I tell how well I'm really singing? Thank you!


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  • Unless you manage to shatter the phone's glass I think you're ok. Find a decent microphone and try again. Phone mics suck in general.


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  • One way to get a better idea of how you sound without worrying about the quality of your recorder is to cup one hand behind your ear and one hand about a foot in front of your mouth. Your fixes could also be as simple as correcting your posture, support, or voice placement.