What's your favorite Italo-Disco song (Round I)?

Chase's da shit... yeah...

But i'll vote Il corpo di Linda since it's waaaaay more underrated...

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tie between...#1,#2,#3,#5...


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  • I listened to enough of each one to get a feel for it. It was a tough choice since each one gave off a different vibe. However, I ended up going for A. It was pretty catchy and oddly reminded me of a fast Italo Disco version of Our House by Madness in some parts. Don't ask me why 😂

    Chase had the most epic riff and intro with bass and synth. However, I felt it lacked at keeping it non-repetitive. Granted, the type of music is supposed to repeat a lot, but still... The riff repeated way too many times. It needed something different. Still... So epic. Reminded me of tainted love lol.

    I also liked Easy Going -- Fear. The other ones were kind of ehh to me.
    Least favorite was Kano -- Holly Dolly. There wasn't much I liked in that one xD


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