What Do You Think of Adoptables?

Basically for those who don't know, adoptables are character designs an artist draws, who then sells that character design to somebody else.
I myself make adoptables.

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I want to know what people think of adoptables. I can't really ask this question on deviantart as, obviously, it is a very art driven community, but G@G is more a sex driven community so you people probably have less of a made up mind on this.

I never liked the idea of adoptables. I figured it's a waste of money (or whatever currency you're buying them with) especially when if you want a character or design so badly, why not make it yourself?
But then I came up with the idea TO make them myself. I haven't made any money, partly because I'm charging points, mostly because nobody has made an offer. But I will one day I think. Probably when I make them a little more colourful and a little less pen on lined paper. Because yes. I'm cheap like that.


What is your opinion on adoptables?

  • I love them! I buy them all the time!
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  • I'm an adoptable artist like yourself.
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  • Eh. They're so-so. Don't have much of an opinion.
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  • Pfffffffff. Stupid.
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  • I'm just here for the results.
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  • I have no idea what an adoptable is.
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