Are you going to get the new Bloodhound Gang album "Hard-Off" when it hits in December?

As a 90's kid, I loved these guys.

Here's a sample of whats to come:

  • Already ordered it.
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  • Didn't know they were doing one but now that I know, I'll get it.
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  • I'll think about it (undecided).
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  • No, I hate those guys.
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  • No, used to like them but my taste in music has changed.
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  • No, I've moved on since the 90's dude. You should too.
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  • Might try to illegally download it.
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Tough crowd.


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  • oh jesus. i missed these guys... uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss hahaha

    I don't know if i'd buy this, but i'd listen to it on youtube :)


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