What's your favorite Italo-Disco song (Round XVI)?

I'd go wid Savage...

  • Righeira – Vamos A La Playa
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  • Baby’s Gang – Challenger
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  • Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
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  • Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summernight
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  • Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight
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  • Scotch – Penguin Invasion
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italo-disco haters r not welcomed...
righeira and savage won...


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  • Nobody fucking cares about italo disco.

    • then haters shouldn't answer...

    • Yeah but the thing is nobody answered.

    • check below... somebody else answered...

      dude i know u like metal and all but it doesn't mean other genres r inferior...

  • Are you going to stay anonymous or will you eventually pick a new username? Your style of writing just keeps giving it away.

    • i have another name already... otherwise how'd i post?

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    • Yay! Welcome back!

    • thanks for followin me although it's kinda pointless since i'll go anon anyway... i just won't hide ma name anymore if somebody asks...