Favourite/ most well-remembered tearjerkers?

Can be games, books, movies, comics, music videos; anything goes. Must be actual tears, not just feels. Here are mine:

Absolute favourite: Jojo's Bizarre's Adventures (manga)

Just came here from crying for 30 minutes over this one, lol

- V for Vendetta (movie): Valerie's letter.

- Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 animation series)

- Trinity Blood (manga): ending of Imitation Star arc.

Before that: meh. That: (*heart ripped to pieces, turns into femslash shipper*)

- One Piece (manga)

- The Shack (book): Here Comes Da Judge

- fanstuff for Axis Powers Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Outlast Whistleblower and Fate (game franchise)

Worth a mention: Coraline (book), The Last Samurai, Kamen Rider Den-O, Harry Potter (novel series), Yu-Gi-Oh (manga)... okay, y'all can stop laughing now. (*covers face in embarrassment*)


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  • The kingkiller Chronicle
    Also in buffy,
    I don’t care! I don’t care. Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die. (Season 1, Episode 12, “Prophecy Girl”)
    SMG just potrays this scene so well, This superpowered vampire killer is sixteen this scene reminds of how harsh a slayers life is.

    • Ah, Buffy. I remember boarding the feels train numerous times because of BtVS books too (and shipping Spike with Buffy like there was no tomorrow 😂). There was one scene, I forgot which book it was in, where the Scoobies had to hold hands and keep their minds on Buffy to cast some sort of empowerment spell. And of course they had to do it in a highly dangerous place where any of them could've died. Really teared me up.

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  • Pokemon. mario. true tears, vampire knights, boys over flowers ( I SWEAR SHE LIKE A PRINCESS AND A HERO)... hmm... sad romantic movies where the guy dies like the titanic or earl me and the dying girl or the fault in our stars... Also, I love love mad fat diary ( hahah she so sexual))) also... umm... Sugar rush- that had me convice I was a lesbian hahah every since I kinda start liking girls... shhh..

    • Lol, it's ok if you like girls! Though if you still like guys it would make you bi or bicurious, not gay. I'm kinda the opposite of you though. Sad romantic movies don't do much for me, but stuff about people facing dangerous situations/ battling their inner demons can easily prompt the waterworks. ^_^U

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    • oh not me... i don't care for labels

    • Good for you. :) But with all due respect, I'd like to point out that when it's something you choose for yourself, it's not a label. It's like defining yourself by your cultural heritage: your identity doesn't have to rigidly define who you are, but it does give you some sense of self and belonging to others of the same community. For genderqueer and trans people, it may even serve as something to hold onto as they endure gender dysphoria. So sometimes these terms are very important.


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  • Somewhere In Time

    These 3 clips are the end of the movie.
    No guy who has ever been heartbroken can prevent himself from crying here. I know tough military guys who lose it when they see this movie.





    • Gonna save those for later, 'cos I don't think my poor heart can take anymore right now. 😂

  • Only one I could remember currently was the movie "The Blind Side". Got a soft spot for homeless people and what not so.

  • I only cried once in a Disney movie called bridge to terabithia 😭

    • Bridge to terabithia tears your freaking heart out!!

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    • I watched it when I was 13 and I kinda knew what I was getting into because I read the book but I still was not prepared!!😭

    • Really? Feel free to pick up any of the recommendations stated here! 😂

  • As far as songs go I have to say "I Will Follow You in the Dark" by death cab for cutie

  • The last of us and the walking dead the game both almost made me cry

    • There, there. (*pats back) It's okay! 😭 (*ends up crying together with you)

  • Played Katawa Shoujo... cried like a bitch for the next week...

    • Wow, that's a LOT of crying! O. o Were the endings/ backstories that tragic?

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    • So did I, but now I have this suspicion that Hanji is really a genderqueer/ genderless person. Either that, or Isayama-sensei is never getting off his hurt pride at failing to draw a gender-distinguishable character 😂

    • lol I think so too XD.

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  • My list:
    -fruits basket (anime and manga)
    -Pokemon the first movie (it was SAD OKAY?😭)
    -your lie in April (anime)
    -I just recently cried about an episode in Noragami Aragato
    -Harvest Moon (there's always at least one thing that'll get me in those games!)
    -Blue Spring Ride (anime. And I swear if they don't make a second season I will scream!)

    And that's all I can think of right now!

  • I'm not a cryer by any means. But God damn Toy Story 3 when they all hold hands in the incinerator. Every freaking time.
    Also Toy Story 2 when Jessie tells her story about Emily.
    Annnnd Inside Out.
    When Harry and Ginny FINALLY get together in book 6.
    Those are the only things that cause me tears. God damn Pixar.

    • Hahaha goddamn Pixar 😂 What about the Guardians of the Galaxy and the first 10 minutes of Up?

      I'm not a cryer too, usually, but something about people undergoing, surviving and surpassing war, spirit-breaking loss, trauma and all-round tremendous suffering really gets me going. 😂 Probably why fanstuff for the Avengers movie kills me too. So that's ANOTHER one. Dammit.

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    • That's exactly what that means hahahaha
      I do not understand why anyone would ever write a sad or scary movie or why anyone would volunteer to watch it.

      When you have the power to control the universe you should make it perfect since that's obviously the goal in life. Reality no... but movies and books are not reality. If you want sad, read history.

    • I think people are drawn to all types of book, movies etc. for various personal reasons, and this holds true for sad/ tragic fiction.

      For me, sad stuff gives me a place to mourn and heal from the bad things that have happened in my life. Watching the characters struggle past their challenges and find happiness gives me inspiration and hope. And because I grew up not knowing any other kids in situations like mine, these fictitious characters gave me someone to relate to. I get to feel like I was facing my problems as they faced theirs, as if we were a team. Felt less alone that way.

  • Barakamon made me cry, as did when Axel died in KH2, and Tadashi's death in Big Hero 6, and the end of Digimon: Tamers. No shame. :V
    Honourable mention: Transformers (but it was tears of awe and happiness cuz the first time I saw it it was fucking EPIC - idgaf what anyone says) and Tokyo Drift when Han died.

  • White Oleander (movie)
    Gimme Shelter (movie)
    Flowers in the Attic series (books)
    My Sisters Keeper (book is million times better than the movie)

  • Final Fantasy VII (Aeriths' death :'( )