Eurodance Battle: What's your favorite Eurodance song (Round VI)?

Yayaya Coco Jamboo yaya yeah... woohoo a summer classic... i'll vote dis of course... :D

Also check dis out... it's not included in dis list... but it's similar wid Coco Jamboo... a crossover of Eurodance and Reggae... ;)

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Barbie Girl and Stay won...


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  • Sash! - Stay is one of their best songs, and one of my favorites.

    • someone below call us gay coz we listen to Eurodance...*sigh* dat's pathetic...

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    • ok thanks i'll give it a try... but i'm afraid it's only for dis question...

    • You're welcome, yep... I also think it's only effective for this question...

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  • Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
    What can I say, I like female Djs :P

  • Listening to Eurodance is the musical equivalent of coming out of the closet.

    • so u say eurodance's gay?

      i assume u r some metalhead who considers gay all other genres... wot if i say metal's gay?

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    • Music is just sound, it's not "gay"... maybe it's not your favorite, but lots of people like it...

    • oh God i'm gonna kill him... just STOP dude... if u don't like Eurodance just beat it... and listen to wotever genre u like... as i said above u need a guy who listens to Eurodance music to give u a bunch of punches...