Who has seen the movie Prometheus?

If so what did you think of it?

More specifically do you agree ir disagree on how someone or something exists just because someone or something "just could" or because they were capable or creating someone or something?

If so, why or why not?


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  • Huge "Aliens" fan here. I have seen this and it was ok. The only thing I got out of it was that the "aliens" in the later movies are like an engineered weapon created by that other alien race.

    • It still did not clearly explain what their motives are for creating something so dangerous and vicious other than "because they could".

      What made them decide and want to create or even have a need for such terrible Biological and Chemical weapons in the first place? Were they ever aware what severe consequences could or would follow if they ever lost control of what they had made and it completely backfired?

      The same goes for their involvement in creating humans, as implied in the beginning of the beginning. It was not clear why they would to create humans.

    • Yeah, I saw it in theatres when it came out. I would have to watch it again.


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  • Maybe a little but the whole is kind of far fetched

    • Mind explaining a bit more? I would have to agree that the answer to one's own very existence would be really disappointing if it is really true that just because someone or something else could create us and therefore they did and if they revealed that was the sole reason we'd exist and came to be.

    • Yeah it's really strange to create us from themselves then later on eradicate us and everything else on the planet to start over, hopefully they had also developed and instant way of killing the aliens off after everything was accomplished that they wanted

  • I think it it's cool that is inspired the "Prometheus school of running away from things."

  • The trailer was deceptively good. Movie turned out to be garbage.

  • I worked with the producer but haven't seen it yet Lol!