I'm thinking of writing a light novel. what do you think of the plot?

I'm thinking of writing a light novel about a boy whos parents go on vacation for a long time, his sister is off to collage and he is left all by his lonesum. but something intreeging happens to have a girl from his high school move in with him and begins an entire series of amazing events. i was just wondering if this would be a good plot or i should scrap it and find something new?

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  • That is the bare bones of a plot - It would need a lot more meat on it to sell


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  • There are plenty of manga with a similar plot.

    • this is very true, however i plan to give my own twist that many Japanese writers are not able to do. They are very limited in what they can publish and in Canada those regulations are very different. Mean i could add a lot more content of what ever i please.

    • Sure. If you believe in it, then go ahead.

  • ehhhh so so it's a pretty over used plot line for ecchi animes, i guess it depends on what kind of "amazing events" occur. like zombie apocalypse amazing or they bang amazing?

  • Vote C. I write for a partial living and only ever read memoirs and autobiographies.

    Write what you know.
    Good luck xo

  • Too cliche.
    Wouldn't read.

    Find something new.


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  • So basically the story goes like this:
    1) Family is away;
    2) Girl move in;
    3) They do some stuff;
    4) Story culminates with them having sex (it's basically a given and is expected);
    5) Parents come back home but girl leaves.

    If it's so then it's pretty predictable.

    • not necessarily i was planing to make them become very close and some more things happen to the parents to make them stay together. sex could be a possibility but would take a long time for the characters to get familiar with one another. it would also take a while for them to get to a romantic phase.

  • Yeah go for it