Why aren't there any really good British made westerns?

I mean with settings like Canada where westerns have been set and plenty are filmed. Then with Historical bush rangers like Ned Kelly.
I mean there is really only a couple of westerns set in Australia, one of them being the American Quigly Down under (actually pretty good.)
Hell the Italians made some of the best westerns.


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  • Britain doesn't really have the right landscape for westerns

    • I know that read the description,
      Canada and Australia both are commonwealth countries which share the queen as a head of state with england and share a deep history. and it could be set there.
      There are westerns set in both Australia and Canada, Hell they filmed Unforgiven in Alberta (Love that movie. Its a hell of a thing killing a man, take away all he has and all he's ever gonna have.)
      I also pointed out the the Dollars trilogy was made by an Italian.

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    • Yeah however the Bushranger is the same type of character as an outlaw though.
      There are westerns set in Australia, such as the 1953 captain Thunderbolt an Australian film

    • You could try the wikipedia page that lists them all.

      The tracker is a good movie set in the outback. Not really a western though.