Do you like these names?

I'm trying to write/plan a book at the moment and I have decided on the two main characters names but do they actually sound cool? They are Eris Larkspur and James Wrenfeild. Also do they suit the names?
James is kind of tall and thin, he has either black or dark brown, slightly messy hair that gets in his eyes a lot, Maybe glasses, and is slighly mischevious but kind.
Eris is average height, average size, maybe smaller than normal. She has either dark or light brown hair (can't decide) She's confident and kind of like a nicer version of Donna Noble from Doctor who.
If you don't like these names what are some other good ones?


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  • Sounds good to me


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  • The names are pretty, but maybe to much. The first names are perfect. The last names are just to much. Try going with something still cool and unique, but more common. I also write and I use this list of the 1000 most common last names. I stick to the bottom 100 and the names are pretty, but not to much.

    • I know they're a bit much but pretty much everyone in the book will have different names like these so they won't really be the only ones and the last names might not be actually said. Do you recommend any other names :) It would be cool to see what sort of names you think would suit them.

  • I like the names