I've got a friend with a PlayStation4. He's a decent gamer, I'm a newbie. What games would you recommend for such a mispatched pair of players?

He plays Metal Solid Gear, Grand Theft Auto, some snowboarding thing. I come from a Wii background so I've played Dance Revolution, Wii Sports etc...
So yes, a two player game on PS4 for teens or adults, that's what I'm looking for. Or one player on the screen at a time ie snowboarding?


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  • He's into action and sports. You into a kiddie interactive games.

    GTA is a multi-player you can try that; otherwise, go out with him at your nearest game shop and pick out a game you both might like playing together.

    • Thanks Stacy 😊

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    • I'll get an Xbox card for the Xbox gsmer I know :)

    • lol okay I was about to say. I think you didn't need to go through all that personally just for a friend lol and best if you just accompanied him if what I am hinting was accurate lol

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  • Mario party for all ages.

    • Mario party isn't playstation. GTFO

    • Omg dude don't take it so seriously I know my games. Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin&Creed Syndicate and plenty more boy... Grow up. I'll take you down anytime bro.


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  • If you want a casual shooter, try Star Wars Battlefront.
    Sports - Madden, NBA 2K , NHL, FIFA etc
    Those would all be two player.
    Games to play together that are single player would probably be less fun.

  • That really depends on what kinds of games you want to play. There are hundreds in many different categories. It's hard to recommend anything when I have no idea what either person likes.

  • Local multiplayer games are scarce these days. Unless you're going to play online, you're out of luck. I think there's a racing game for PS4

    On top of that, there aren't a lot of games, especially online games, where you have the time to learn anything before people are chewing you out and saying you're making them lose.

    I've been playing since I was 2, and even I have a hard time finding multiplayer games.

    My friends all hate me now because they can't beat me in Smash Bros

  • Journey Hands down

  • Monopoly 😂


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