Can someone explain how this magician did this on America's got Talent?

I already know how he did the salt in the hand trick. Someone on Facebook said he used a fake thumb. But the coughing up cards and the cards appearing out of no where? Wtf lol

And can someone explain the pen up the nose? I have heard of people that can stuff things up their nose and expel it from different places but he did it so fast


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  • That was fun

    So how did he do the salt thing?

    • if i remember correctly, he had a fake thumb on and it got poured in.

    • To properly perform this trick you have to master using a risky gimmick, and be quite confident in small object manipulation sleights.
      Same thing done when performing the "mouth + cards" trick if you can pay attention to his left hand.

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  • That's incredibly awesome but I have to say that all these hand tricks he performed requires long practicing and using "toys"

  • I have no Idea bow they do it... :)

  • Pen up the nose is a common trick, google it on youtube. Also coughing up the cards is just sleight of hand, he had the cards hidden on his left hand.


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