What is your favorite gaming character?

What is your favorite gaming character? Ratchet is my favorite character. I mean look at him he's so fluffy and cute 😍 and I can't wait until their new movie and game comes out in April 🙌🙌.


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  • Wouldn't be able to pick just one, but some of my favorites include Aeris (Final Fantasy VII), Chris (Suikoden III), Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Yennefer (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), Kratos (God of War), Alan Wake (Alan Wake), Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII), Dante (Devil May Cry), Solid Snake and Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid), and others.

  • Honestly was going to say Ratchet. I hear that the "new" game is going to tell the same story as the first game? with new gameplay. You hear anything specific?

    • They said its going to be a remake with new stuff

    • Ratchet & Clank Remake was rebuilt from the ground up for PlayStation 4. It's the original game with a lot more content, including new areas to explore. And while many of the fan-favorite weapons will return, many of the weapons will be brand new as well. Oh, and we get a different story perspective this time because Captain Qwark narrates.

      It comes out in April alongside the new animated R&C movie.

    • @KaidenKass00 I'm so hyped

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  • @clariceowens23

    The game hasn't come out yet but its going to be Vega from Street Fighter V