Who was your Harry Potter crush?

Mine was Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy.


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  • xD I've been watching the harry potter series all day, the end credit music is playing right now for half blood prince!!!

    OMG GINNY WEASLEY PLZ! literally give anything for a ginny weasley equivilent irl!
    i found out where i got all my perfect human trait expectations from >.<

    • Ginny! What's so hot about Ginny?

    • what isn't, her smile is hypnotic, an insanely beautiful woman, kind and loyal to a fault... in the movies she fights for harry without second thought, she fights along side him without him needing to ask, and just perfect!

    • Ginny to me is the most one dimensional character. That is a very photoshopped picture. I think she was just a bad actress, so I could like her. But I see that she has beautiful hair and as a red head, I don't argue the hottness of other red heads :)

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  • I always had a crush on Cedric diggory.


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