If your a beginner guitar player, how do you know when you've became an intermediate or an advanced player?

The reason why I ask is because I'm looking for acoustic guitars on Guitar Center website and I noticed that one of the options is performance level for narrowing down the results such as beginner, intermediate, and expert. Now I know for a fact I'm a beginner right now but how will I know when to buy another guitar after I've gotten some years of experience.

In other words what's the difference between a beginner, intermediate, or expert guitar besides the quality build of the instrument?


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  • Your playing technique and what you're able to improvise.

    Learning songs is typically the best way to improve technique, but not knowledge. You have to blend technique (I. e rythym ability and how yoyre able to chain different chords/notes) vs composing. that's music theory

    I'm at intermediate. Give me a beat and a bass line, and I can come up with a good progression and solo.

    Ask me to write a song only with my guitar, and I'm lost.

  • when you can play more intermediate to advance songs fairy easily and they sound good.

  • You just do