You know what this error code means (Ps3)?

Hey, so I've moved into a dorm, and i brought my ps3. No big deal, but once i tried connecting to the internet, i got an error code, and i turned it off. it then would not boot back up. It brought me to the screen saying that it didn't shut down correctly, and thats about it. it froze after that. I then reset it to the default settings, and it booted up again. i connected to the internet through safeconnect (found out how) and i went to sign back in. it gave me an error. 80023017. PSN is up, and i updated it, but it will not let me use an existing account, or create one. Can anybody help me out with this?


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  • I'd suggest calling 1-800-345-SONY.

  • That is a site maintenance code. Strange since PSN is up.. Could be a router issue. If not perhaps the ps3 was damaged from the move.